Consulting Services

IP Contact Center

VEXIS can help optimize service delivery in your IP-enabled Contact Center by enhancing data integration, unifying distributed operations, and personalizing interactions on every channel. We can maximize ROI and productivity by optimizing interactive applications  and agent desktops.

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Voice User Interface (VUI) Design

VEXIS has designed, developed and delivered industry-leading speech applications for more than a decade. Our expert staff, known for high recognition rates, has extensive VUI experience and expertise in the areas of call flow, business process optimization, grammar development, and statistical language modeling (SLM).

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Mobility, Unification & Convergence

Extending the reach of the contact center beyond the voice channel can improve the qualify of customer interactions, extend interactive applications to employees and supply chain partners, make interactions richer and more consistent on every channel, and reduce the overall cost of interactions.

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Project Management

From the very first call through the life of the project, VEXIS is committed to excellence, results, and customer satisfaction. Our objective is understanding and meeting your needs with robust, easy-to-use solutions that work today and adapt to changing conditions in the future.

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Application, Data & System Integration

Voice, desktop, web, and mobile applications are sharply differentiated by their unique user interfaces, but share a common foundation built on the enterprise information systems they extend.

VEXIS expertise extends to the nuances of each interface channel, as well as seamless integration with core systems. The results are unified, consistent, robust and secure information, communications and transaction solutions for every user.

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Installation, Maintenance & Support

VEXIS can integrate disparate systems into a cohesive whole that can be redeployed and maintained with minimal service and user disruption. The consolidated system can work better, last longer, and be easier to manage.

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Migration, Tuning & Upgrades

State of the art is a moving target. Even the best solutions benefit from periodic tuning to streamline IVR menus, expand speech dialog libraries, or improve integration on the agent desktop. VEXIS understands how to make the most of existing systems with minor makeovers that can yield major results.

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